Utrecht Workshop




Event Description



The November 4-5 meeting will take place at SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research in Utrecht,

the Netherlands (www.sron.nl).


SRON is located in the Uithof, which is the campus of Utrecht University.

The address of SRON: Sorbonnelaan 2, 3584 CA Utrecht.


When arriving at SRON, the receptionist will take your name and will call someone to bring you to the

meeting room. Once inside SRON you are allowed to walk around by yourself :)

There will be coffee and tea at SRON. For lunch we will go to the restaurant in a nearby University building.


The phone number of the reception desk is: +31 (0)88 777 5600

The number of Daphne Stam's mobile phone is: +31 06 521 56113



Utrecht has very good train connections with the airport Schiphol and international trains to e.g. Heidelberg

have a stop in Utrecht. In the city, there is a reliable and frequent public transport system. The center of

Utrecht, where most of the hotels are located, is compact, with lots of one-way streets, and few and

expensive parking options, so using public transport instead of renting a car is advised.


SRON itself is located on the outskirts of the city, and is easily reached by the highways surrounding

the city. So, people that prefer to use a car could park their car at SRON (for free) and use public transport

to get to their hotel and restaurants and back.


Getting to Utrecht Central station from Schiphol Airport:

Utrecht is about 40 km from Schiphol Airport. At the airport, you can take a direct train to Utrecht Central station,

which takes about half an hour. Trains leave every 15 minutes: at 14, 29, 44, and 59 minutes after the hour. Train tickets

can be bought at a ticket counter or at a ticket machine (big yellow boxes). A one-way ticket should be Euro 7.70

(2nd class) and Euro 13.10 (1st class) (prices will be slightly higher at the ticket counter).


Getting to Utrecht with an international train:

- Most trains to Germany have a stop at Utrecht Central station.

- The fast train to Paris (Thalys) does NOT stop in Utrecht. You should leave the Thalys in Rotterdam Central station,

and there take a direct train to Utrecht, which takes about 40 minutes. There are 4 direct trains per hour to Utrecht,

leaving at 5, 20, 35 and 50 minutes after the hour. Train tickets can be bought at a ticket counter or at a ticket

machine (big yellow boxes). A one-way ticket should be Euro 9.10 (2nd class) and Euro 15.50 (1st class)

(prices will be slightly higher at the ticket counter).


Leaving the Thalys at Amsterdam Central station is also possible: there are many direct trains between Utrecht

and Amsterdam, but it will take much longer.


A convenient website with train travel information in English is:


Apparently, you can also buy printable tickets from the website (there is a button 'Buy a ticket'),

but that part of the site is in Dutch only ...


Getting around in Utrecht and to SRON:

There are two fast buses that you can use to get from Utrecht Central station to the Uithof: nr. 11 and 12.

In the morning, especially when it is raining, these buses can get crowded with students!

When you are in the 11, leave the bus at stop 'Botanische Tuinen' (Botanical Gardens).

When you are in the 12, leave the bus at stop 'Padua Laan'


To get to SRON from there: walk in the northern direction towards a weird looking brown building

(the Minnaert Building). Turn left in front of that building and right into the Sorbonnelaan before the

road passes below the highway. SRON is about 100 meters down that road and has a small rocket

in front of the building.


Tickets for the bus can be bought from the driver (with cash, a ticket is about 1.5 Euros). You can also

buy a so-called 'Strippenkaart' at little shops called 'Kiosk' in the main hall of Utrecht Central station.

Buy a Blue one which has 15 'strips' on it and costs about 8 Euros.

Getting from the Central station or the city center of Utrecht to SRON and vice versa will take 3 strips

(the bus driver will make them invalid with a stamp).


Map of Utrecht with Station and SRON marked:



Map of Uithof, with Bus stops and SRON marked:




There are many nice hotels in Utrecht. A few hotels that are along the route of bus 11:


Sandton Malie hotel (stop 'Oorsprongpark'):



NH hotel Utrecht center (stop 'Janskerkhof'):



Oorsprongpark hotel (stop 'Oorsprongpark'):