Meudon March Programme

Workshop agenda


Registration & Coffee


  Pierre Drossart Welcome address


  Invited Talks
Chair: P. Drossart

- EChO overview: scientific objectives & requirements (Tinetti)

- EChO science return, spectroscopy and chemical composition (Encrenaz)


Coffee Break


  Invited Talks
Chair: T. Henning

- EChO science return, planetary formation/interior (Guillot)

- Instrumental concept (Kraus)

- Targets & observation strategies (Micela/Ribas)

- Synergies with other projects (Lopez Morales)



Lunch Break



  Contributed Talks Session 1
Chair: J-P. Beaulieu

10 minutes per talk

M. Swain - The NASA FINESSE mission concept

E. Pascale - Candidate technologies for the long wavelength channel

A. Adriani - TBD

J. Bouwman - The Future of Exoplanet Characterisation, the comparison between ECHO and JWST

I. Mueller-Wodarg - Hardware and Theory support for EChO from Imperial College London

R. van Boekel - EChO performance and target selection

F. Forget - 3D global climate modelling of planetary atmosphere and application to Echo

R. Wordsworth -  TBD


Coffee Break


  Contributed Talks Session 2
Chair: M-R. Zapatero-Osorio

10 minutes per talk

J. Martin-Torres - Radiative Transfer and Photochemical Modeling at CAB

K. Heng - Atmospheric Circulation Simulations of Extrasolar Planets

F. Selsis - Characterizing non-transiting hot rocky planets and their atmosphere with EChO

T. Widemann - Venus Studies at the 2012 Transit : An Exoplanet Analog in Our Solar System

L. Grenfell - Biosignatures of H-Z Super Earths

L. Kaltenegger - Observable features of Super-Earths and Mini-Neptunes

E. Hebrard - TBD

C. Mordasini - Predicting the most important physical characteristics of planets from formation theory


  Open Discussion
 (moderators: V. Coudé du Foresto and I. Ribas)